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My Friends @ 40 + Podcast

Jan 28, 2019

Tamara chats with Acupuncturist and Herbalist Margaret Webb to talk about approaching menopause with Chinese medicine. 

Margaret provided this great list of links, with approximate times in the podcast when they are referenced: 

10:30 --Environmental Working Group
13:32--Dim supplement for liver health
Liver health blend:
16:14.  Thyroid information
32:30 D Mannose
34:15 Vaginal Health:
Also great for building better lactic acid and a balanced ecology to prevent infections. Take 1 wafer per meal. 
PH balanced Soap:
YinCare to be used for infection or after sex (must be diluted)
Great for hot flashes in most women (but if you get stuck then consult with an herbalist)
Please feel free to reach out with questions:
Many of these supplement recommendations can also be ordered through my site.